Facts on the Tracks Lesson 1: Edwin A. Link

Welcome to Facts on the Tracks Lesson 1: Edwin Link!
This YouTube video posted by Hal Dunn gives an introduction on Edwin A. Link.

Edwin A. Link was an American inventor, entrepreneur and pioneer in aviation, underwater archaeology, and submersibles.
He invented the flight simulator, which was called the "Blue Box" or "Link Trainer." It was commercialized in 1929, starting a now multibillion-dollar industry.

Pictured (Left): Edwin A. Link

In the 1920s, he developed the Link Trainer, "a fuselage-like device with a cockpit and controls that produced the motions and sensations of flying."
He formed the Link Aeronautical Corporation in 1929 to manufacture the trainers.

Pictured (Right): Edwin Link sits in the pilot trainer developed by his company, Link Aviation Devices.

The Link Two-Foot Gauge Train was donated to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum by the family of Mr. Edwin A. Link. Mr. Link owned and operated the train on his personal property in Jupiter, Florida.

Upon his death, his family donated the train, track, and other equipment to the museum. During regular museum operations, GCRM provides Link Train rides on the weekends.

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