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Below is a list of railcars that are accessible AND inaccessible to museum visitors. Cars that are inaccessible can be viewed while on our rides on weekends, or on Free First Saturday.


Presidential Pullman Passenger Car "Ferdinand Magellan" U.S. Car #1

The Ferdinand Magellan is unique among Pullman railroad cars in that it is the only car ever custom built for the President of the United States. Originally built in 1928, the Ferdinand Magellan was one of the last cars ever built as a private car and was one of a group of six cars named after famous explorers. The six cars were; Ferdinand Magellan, David Livingstone, Henry Stanley, Marco Polo, Robert Peary and Roald Amundsen. These cars were all placed in the Pullman general service pool at about the same time and were operated by the Pullman Company over many of the nation's railroads.

The SAL Passenger Combination Baggage-Coach #259 was called the “combine”,  because the car is part baggage cart and part passenger coach. The car is Also known as a “Jim Crow” car because of its segregated seating areas. 18 seats in the front section and 24 in the rear section. It was donated by SAL, and restored by the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in 1958. The National Park Service named the car a as an Historic Rail Object in 2001-2003, and In 2007, through a State of Florida Grant, a History of Segregation on the Railroads exhibit was placed in the baggage portion of the car.

Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Passenger Coach #136

Built in the 1920s, the FEC #136 played a role in the evacuation of a portion of the Florida Keys as part of preparations for the Labor Day hurricane of 1935.

The FEC #136 is an open air coach, that was typically used during the winter months. It was in passenger service between Jacksonville, KeyWest, and Havana.

The FEC #136 was built in 1925 and retired in 1958. It was donated to #GCRM in March 1959. 

The FEC #136 serves as the museum's primary operating passenger car every first Saturday of the month!

Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Maintenance of Way Car Renumbered as #1996

The FEC #1996 was built by The American Car & Foundry Co. in February 1965 as a Coach for The Union Pacific. It was Purchased by The FEC for use in “Work Train” service.

In 1996, it was Renumbered “1996” to coincide with the City of Miami’s & FEC’s Centennial.

The FEC #1996 Contains an exhibit of South Florida Railroad Photographs. This car was donated by The Florida East Coast Employees as a gift for The Post Hurricane Andrew Recovery Effort.

U.S. Army Hospital Car #89436

The U.S. Army Hospital Car #89436 operated as a hospital car, or 'moving hospital,' during World War II and the Korean War. The car was to carry one doctor, two nurses, four service personnel, and could carry up to 33 patients. It was majorly used to move military patients between medical facilities.

It was originally built in 1945 by the American Car & Foundry Co, and was part of a U.S. Government 100 Car Order (USA 89400 - USA 89499)

The car was declared surplus in 1969, and was acquired by the museum through the State of Florida Federal Surplus Program.

Western Pacific "California Zephyr" Vista-Dome Car "Silver Crescent"

The California Zephyr was a train that ran from Chicago, Illinois to Oakland, California between 1949 and 1970. 

The route covered 2,525 miles each trip, and averaged 2 1/2 days to complete, for an average of 45 mph!

It was donated to #GCRM in 1981.

Attached to the "Silver Crescent" are the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CB&Q) Sleeping Car "Silver Vale" , Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CB&Q) Slumbercoach "Silver Slumber" , and Seaboard Air Line Railroad (SAL) Dining Car

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Observation Bar Lounge #254  AND

Seaboard Air Line Coach/Tavern Car #6300

The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Observation Bar Lounge #254 and the Seaboard Air Line Coach/Tavern Car #6300 are both cars that are reserved for birthday parties, and other events.

For more information on how to book your event, visit our BOOKINGS tab, call (305)253-0063, or send an email to

FEC 153 was one of a group of 7 pacifics (151-157) built by ALCO in 1922.

The FEC Locomotive #153 served on the Florida East Coast Railway from 1922 to 1938. It even pulled a train carrying president Calvin Coolidge to Miami in 1928! 

FEC #113 was one of a group of 60 pacifics (77-136) built by ALCO between 1910 and 1917. It was used in regular revenue service over the entire Florida East Coast Railroad. 

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Caboose #0322

The Caboose was built in 1923 at the ACL Shops in Waycross, Georgia. It weighs 5 tons, and carried a pot-bellied stove, kerosene lamps, and leather cushions for seating. The Caboose was used on the rear of freight trains throughout ACL's System.

NOW, the ACL Caboose #0322 is used on the rear of Gold Coast Railroad Museum passenger trains on the first Saturday of each month.


Below are lists of our collection of equipment (accessible and inaccessible) and inaccessible locomotives and cars. You can view inaccessible cars in the rail yard while on one of our rides, or while walking through the museum, but cannot walk up to/ into them.

  • Southern Railway (SR) Passenger Baggage-Express Car #359

  • Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Passenger Baggage Car

  • Metro North, Long Island Passenger - High Volume Commuter Car

  • Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Coach "Belle Glade"

  • Western Pacific "California Zephyr" Baggage Car "Silver Stag"

  • Ex-Seaboard Air Line (SAL) Sleeper-Lounge Car "Silver Palm"



  • The Winston Co. No. 48 / Not Operational

  • Crown Locomotive 24" gauge 4-4-0 #3 / Operational, Active


  • National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) S-2 #1 / Operational, Inactive, Under Repair

  • Gold Coast Railroad Museum (GCRM) RS-1 #106 / Operational, Active

  • Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CB&Q) E-9A #9913 / Operational, Active

  • Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) E-8A #1594 / Not Operational, Inactive, Under Repair

  • Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) GP-7 #1804 / Operational, Active

  • Seaboard FP-10 #4033 / Not Operational, Inactive

  • Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac (RF&P) "Slug" #C / Not Operational

  • NASA #2, SW-1500 / Operational, Active


  • Helium Transportation Car MHAX #1202

  • Frisco Line Railroad Gondola Car #60053

  • Port Everglades Railroad Flatcar #1103

  • Seaboard Coast Line Railroad (SCL) Steam Crane #765157

  • Burro Crane #15

  • Seaboard Coast Line Railroad (SCL) Boxcar #126307

  • Belcher Oil Company (BEPX) Tank Car #105

  • Belcher Oil Company (BEPX) Tank Car #121

  • United States Army (USAX) Side Dump Ballast Car

  • United States Army (USAX) Flatcar #35703

  • Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Caboose #0322

  • Seaboard Coast Line Railroad (SCL, ex SAL) Boxcar #593188

  • Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) # 199477

  • ICG # 199479

  • Metro North, Long Island Passenger - High Volume Commuter Car # 2916

  • C&O Power Car# 914101

  • Seaboard Coast Line # 765310

  • Seaboard Coast Line # 765348


  • Stephenson's Rocket - 24" Gauge Model / Not Operational, Inactive

  • Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Track Section Car

  • Port Everglades Railroad Track Section Car

  • Case Steam Traction Engine (Farm Tractor)

Seaboard Air Line Railroad (SAL) Passenger Combination Baggage-Coach #259

Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Steam Locomotive #153 AND #113 

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