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Be a Volunteer - We need your help!


The Gold Coast Railroad Museum hosts many events throughout the year and is always looking for help!

Volunteers ages 13 and up can assist around the museum with tasks such as model train building, managing play areas, helping at stations around events such as tattoos, coloring, and arts & crafts, and much much more. 


Do you have a particular skill or talent?

We are always looking for mechanics, artists, historians, and anyone in between! There is a lot that goes into maintaining a museum of our scale, and the help from our volunteers makes it easier for us to bring all of the amazing history and family fun to our museum guests. Click the document below to download our volunteer application.




Completed applications must be turned in person.

If you have any questions, feel free to call (305)253-0063.


Our rail equipment is missing windows and need to be replaced to keep the rail cars dry and preserved.

• The wooden caboose that we use in operations needs some fixing up including wood siding and paint.

• Rail equipment needs to be washed/waxed.

• We need painters / mechanics / electricians / plumbers / body work on a variety of equipment.

NEH Conservation Grant
Our thank you to Michael Hall for securing this NEH grant for GCRM

• Lateral flat drawer file cabinets

• Window unit air conditioner(s)

• Work tables


• Corporate/group project: Caboose out front with the banner need stabilization.


• Display equipment needs to be "washed & waxed."


• We are in need of vacuuming, display equipment, window cleaning and replacing light bulbs once per month. 

• Shelving

**Not covered under grant budget

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