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Ghost Hunting on the Rails

Ghost Hunting on the Rails was a huge success! Our friends, ghost hunters from War Party Paranormal, gathered tons of evidence, and took our visitors on a ghost-hunting adventure through some of our most active rail cars. Michael, Paranormal Investigator, caught some awesome footage that includes evidence of paranormal activity in the Silver Crescent, part of the California Zephyr train that you can visit at GCRM today! Our visitors were definitely impressed. You can view the video down below:

War Party Paranormal's group of passionate ghost-hunters seek to explore and answer the unknown using technology. Their purpose as a ghost-hunting team is to help resolve questions and fears that surface regarding the paranormal experience, and validate and confirm the unknown utilizing technology and scientific research. You can see their Facebook page by clicking the link HERE, or visit them on Instagram @warpartyparanormal. If you're interested in learning about the ghost-hunting process, and investigating in our most active cars, stay tuned to our Instagram (@gcrmrailroad), Facebook (Gold Coast Railroad Museum), website, monthly newsletter, and more for the next Ghost Hunting on the Rails event.

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