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Welcome Party

The Florida East Coast Railway's Caboose #715 has been fully restored by Richard Beall and his team! On Saturday, July 31st, the #715 made its debut at GCRM, and a welcome party was hosted after over a year of restoring, repairing, and perfecting it. Beall has been directly responsible for bringing the caboose back to life, and feels honored to do so knowing that his father was the last engineer to move the caboose. Click here to view our blog post about the caboose project.

The FEC Caboose #715 now resides on track #1 for our visitors to view, enter, and enjoy. Come to GCRM on Free First Saturday to take a ride on the newly-restored caboose!

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What a fantastic tribute to history, especially considering Richard's family connection. I'll go to GCRM to check out the Buckshot Roulette caboose and take a ride.


Beall is a talented man who did a great job getting the caboose back into service, he worked very hard to repair it and in the end everything was successful, I am a wordle today very happy to read the information this.


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