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Moving our Railcars

GCRM volunteer and engineer, Cully Waggoner, and GCRM staff member and conductor, Lowelson Lake, teamed up to move some of our railcars! In an effort to preserve one of our diesel locomotives, the Chicago Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) No. 9913, some changes had to be made under our shed. The Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) Observation Bar Lounge #254 was moved to track #3 to make space for the CB&Q No. 9913 on track #1. GCRM plans to further open track #3 so that guests can see the ACL #254 again soon!

The CB&Q No. 9913 was an E9 unit. The E9 was the last of General Motors EMD's series of E units, a highly successful line of diesel-electric passenger locomotives, which started in 1937. The E9 was the most powerful E unit built!

For nearly 20 years, the CB&Q No. 9913 piled the commuter routes of Greater Chicago until it was retired in October 1992, and sold to the Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville, Indiana in September 1994. Two years later, it was purchased by Tennessee 200 Ltd. During that time, it criss-crossed the state of Tennessee. The CB&Q No. 9913 is now at GCRM, and can now be seen up close on track #1!

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