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Decorating for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! GCRM staff has been working hard decorating the museum for a new holiday season. Andres and Lowelson have planned to decorate many areas around the museum and its grounds, including the Florida East Coast (FEC) Locomotive #153, the FEC Locomotive #113, the museum store, and more! Below, we will be highlighting the different decorated areas around the museum.

GCRM staff members, Lowelson and Andres, first decorated the FEC #153. The steam locomotive was decorated mostly with different colored lights, a wreath, and a decorative gift! This year they chose a basic pattern for the #153's lights, wrapping twinkle, red, blue, white and green lights around the engine's rivets, tender, walkway, drawbar, and side of the locomotive. The locomotive was lastly complimented by a wreath and a decorative gift. The #113 was adorned with a wreath, and lights will soon be placed on it as well.