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Decorating for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! GCRM staff has been working hard decorating the museum for a new holiday season. Andres and Lowelson have planned to decorate many areas around the museum and its grounds, including the Florida East Coast (FEC) Locomotive #153, the FEC Locomotive #113, the museum store, and more! Below, we will be highlighting the different decorated areas around the museum.

GCRM staff members, Lowelson and Andres, first decorated the FEC #153. The steam locomotive was decorated mostly with different colored lights, a wreath, and a decorative gift! This year they chose a basic pattern for the #153's lights, wrapping twinkle, red, blue, white and green lights around the engine's rivets, tender, walkway, drawbar, and side of the locomotive. The locomotive was lastly complimented by a wreath and a decorative gift. The #113 was adorned with a wreath, and lights will soon be placed on it as well.

The museum store was decorated with a tree, and gifts by the front entrance, nut crackers, and blue wreaths. The museum store is stocked with Polar Express, and Thomas the Tank Engine, and GCRM items for your holiday shopping needs! Come to GCRM this holiday season and browse through our store, explore our rail cars, and take a train ride! From lights to wreaths, GCRM is ready to welcome you this holiday season!

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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
Nov 13, 2023

This year, they decided on a simple design for the #153's snow rider 3d lights, encircling the tender, walkway, drawbar, side of the locomotive, and rivets with twinkling, red, blue, white, and green lights. T.

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