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Volunteering at GCRM

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Our volunteers are always working hard alongside museum staff to maintain outdoor areas and exhibits throughout the museum. This month, GCRM volunteers have assisted us in maintaining the plaza area, where our visitors can sit, take in our historic atmosphere, eat their lunch, and most importantly, board the Link Train! Volunteers at GCRM do not only help us outdoors, but also help with various tasks inside the museum store and under our train shed. Pictured below are some of our dedicated volunteers helping us pick up trash, and extra branches from surrounding trees.

GCRM hosts many events throughout the year and is always looking for help! Volunteers ages 13 and up can assist around the museum with tasks such as managing play areas, helping at stations during events such as coloring, and arts & crafts, cleaning bathrooms and rail cars, tidying outside areas, stocking the museum store, and more! For more information, please call (305)-253-0063, send us an email to, or ask us during your visit!

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Madden Wayne
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